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Fat Daddio's ProSeries 6" x 3" Anodized Aluminum Springform Cake Pan
Fat Daddio's ProSeries 6" x 3" Anodized Aluminum Springform Cake Pan

Fat Daddio's ProSeries 6" x 3" Anodized Aluminum Springform Cake Pan

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Fat Daddio's PSF-63 

Create your signature wedding, birthday, and holiday cakes with this durable Fat Daddio's PSF-63 ProSeries 6" x 3" anodized aluminum springform cake pan. Made of sturdy 18-gauge anodized aluminum, this pan is built to withstand daily use in your commercial establishment. By reflecting heat, rather than absorbing heat, ProSeries cake pans reach baking temperatures quickly. Even heating allows for the best possible rise and once out of the oven, they cool quickly to prevent over-baking and drying out of the cake. With this Fat Daddio's cake pan, you will get consistent perfectly baked cakes every time!

Anodized aluminum delivers exceptional performance and consistent results so you can bake with confidence. Anodizing is not a chemical coating, but a process that helps resist abrasions and ensures that no rust, peels, or flakes will contaminate your food. The anodized process seals the natural pores of the aluminum, creating a safer baking surface with no chemical coatings. Unlike conventional aluminum or steel bakeware which may react poorly with acidic foods, the non-reactive surface of anodized aluminum makes it compatible with a wider variety of recipes including those with citrus or tomato-based ingredients. The pedestal-style base and springform design both work to ensure the simple and safe removal of even your most delicate desserts. Unlike cake pans with just a removable bottom, springform pans can be left on your baked goods until just before they are ready to serve. Then a simple flip of the latch will release the pan for an effortless, flawless presentation every time. Whether you're making a special cheesecake topped with fresh fruit, streusel, or ice cream cake, this pan is the optimal choice for bringing your sweet visions to life.

When it comes to creating the perfect assortment of baked goods, Fat Daddio's offers a wide variety of options for all of your baking needs. Since 1968, Fat Daddio's has been family-owned and operated, and they have focused on incorporating versatile designs in all their bakeware. Put Fat Daddio's brand in your kitchen, and experience the difference and durability.

Overall Dimensions
Diameter: 6"
Depth: 3"